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"Robert...can I just say ...YOU ROCK!!! The absolute BEST LENDER in the world!!!!!!!
This month, you and I have the following in escrow:

Melissa- Sepulveda (closed today)
Paru- Sharp Ave (closing by the 26th)
Fariad/Lynn- Exhibit (closing by the 28th)
Jimenz-Garcia/Lisa- Gothic  (Closing by April 12) (Buyer and seller for me!)
Z and Mona - Amigo (closing by April 15th)
Damn boy!!!! I have you busy!!!!!!  Again...thank you for being so good to my clients and me. Please tell your Girl Friend I do appreciate the hours and hours of phone calls/emails you have to do for me and my clients!!!!!!"

Laurie Carrigan, 
Realtor, Century 21 All Moves

Robert Fry is a miracle worker - 8 years ago I applied to Countrywide for a refinace for work to be done on my house. They suggested an interest only loan (6.86%) until the work was completed and then they would refinance at a lower rate - the work took 2 years and by this time the housing crunch came and Bank of America bought out Countrywide.  BOFA would not refi as the property values had dropped (every year I would try again) Wells Fargo, Union Bank, Chase Bank, and numerous others all kept saying NO - not enough equity in the property.  I had one more year to go until the interest only deal was to end and I would have to start payments including the principal at the 6.8% rate.  I was sure I would lose my home - then Robert turned up (he refinanced my neighbours house) and told me not to worry he would get me a refi - and he did at 4.6% - I still don't know how he did it.  So if you are looking for a miracle or maybe you don't need one - just want a man that keeps his word, Robert is the person to call.

Glo Williams